In 1990, Peter and Kristina Cady and Sandy Morse, who had played music together for years, in the living room, at parties and festivals, and with the local fiddlers’ group, decided that they should go on the road as an acoustic trio. And Woodchucks’ Revenge came into existence.

Peter and Kristina grew up Down Country, and met at Middlebury College in the early ‘60s, at the peak of the “great folk scare.” They married and settled in Vermont in 1967. Peter retired in 2009, after 40+ years of law practice, mostly in sole practice in Pittsford. Kristina taught French and Spanish in Rutland area schools; and as of 2018 still substitutes on a regular basis. Their two children, Andrea, a family physician (and composer of some of the group’s songs), and Ian, a computer software engineer and excellent guitarist and bassist, both reside in Bozeman, Montana; which gives rise to frequent trips to the west and the occasional performance in Montana.

Woodchucks’ Revenge performed as a trio from 1990 to 2011, when we were joined by Mike Lussen. Mike had retired in 2010 after a 27-year career as a member of Woods Tea Company. He knew that the time had come to back off from performing full-time and touring nationally, but wanted to continue to be active in music.

We performed as a quartet until 2015, when Sandy, the group’s token native Vermonter, was forced to cease performing due to health issues which led to his passing in January of 2018. He is greatly missed. Mike has been forced, by ongoing health issues, to miss recent performances; but hopes to rejoin us in the future.

Peter plays guitar, and, infrequently, bass. Kristina plays fiddle and bass. We both sing leads and harmonies.